Bali's Museum You Must Visit -

Bali's Musseum You Must Visit


Bali, the Island of the Gods offers something more than just the usual tourist attractions enjoyed by tourists. Curious? Culture tour! Cultural tourism in Bali has a lot of parts, one of which is to visit a series of cultural heritage or even a tour in the Museum. Bali itself has some interesting museums to visit, such as Bali Museum in Denpasar, Museum Pasifika in Nusa Dua and Antonio Blanco Museum in Ubud.


Bali Museum in Denpasar, is one of the museums with cultural heritage and the most historical heritage on the island of Bali. Bali Museum is located in the middle of the city of Denpasar, exactly on the road Mayor Wisnu Denpasar Bali 80232, adjacent to one of the famous temple in Bali, Pura Jagatnatha. Then, what is interesting about this museum? Questions that might be asked by the visitors when first heard about the Museum of Bali. The Balinese Museum keeps many authentic cultural heritage from Balinese people, for example just like Balinese art instruments, wayang kulit paintings, and many other collections.


The Bali Museum consists of 4 large buildings, named Buleleng Building, Karangasem Building, and Tabanan House. Exactly in front of Bali Museum there is Puputan Badung field, and statue of Catur Muka (statue of four face)



In addition to the Museum of Bali, there is also Pasifika Museum in the BTDC Area Blok P, Nusa Dua - Bali. The museum is originally an art center that brings together art collections from artists in Asia Pacific, under the name of Asia Pacific Art Center. Since 2006 then the new Asia Pacific Art Center was inaugurated into museum Pasifika.

The last one is Antonio Blanco Museum in Ubud.

History of Musseum Antonio Blanco

Mario Antonio Blanco is a famous painting maestro who was born in Manila, Philippines on September 15, 1912 and died in Bali on December 10, 1999. This American-Spanish man married a girl named Ni Ronji in 1953, a traditional Balinese dancer.

Museum built on December 28, 1998 and inaugurated on September 15, 2001, the museum called The Blanco Renaissance Museum has a collection of more than 300 works by Antonio Blanco.

Collections of Antonio Blanco Museum

The paintings at Antonia Blanco Museum can be enjoyed on the walls of the first and second floor rooms. All the paintings on display at the Antonio Blanco Museum are the work of Antonio Blanco from 1937 to 1999.

In Antonio Blanco Museum there is also Erotic Room which displays many collections of paintings featuring the elegance of male and female body. However, the requirement to enter this room should be 17+. In Antonio Blanco Museum there is also a painting studio that is often used by Antonio Blanco to paint as well as family photos that he loved.


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