Barong Dance at Batu Bulan Show -

Barong Dance at Batu Bulan Show

The island of Bali is not only known thanks to the beauty of coastal tourism, rice field terraces, and green hills are still so beautiful. The island of Bali, which is currently ranked number one from the Best Tourism Island in Asia has many other things to offer to tourists, both local and foreign. Bali has its own beauty that makes this island bears the name of the paradise of the world for many years. The same nickname was dressed by foreign tourists, who called Bali the Lost Paradise or lost paradise.

Interestingly, the beauty of the island of Bali is not only from the beauty of natural scenery, but Bali store more interesting tourism to visit. One of them, art and cultural tours. Art and culture itself has become part of everyday Balinese life. In contrast to people in other islands in Indonesia in general, the people of Bali still highly uphold the culture and art that is part of the relics of Balinese society since antiquity. One of the cultural art that is still maintained today is Barong dance.


Not only maintained, in Batubulan, Barong dance became one of the famous tourist attraction. Every morning, barong dance performances begin at 9.30 am until the afternoon. And every day too, hundreds of visitors watched dance performances that opened at different times. There are two different types of Barong dance, the first is barong ket dance and barong bangkong dance. But in the village Batubulan, dance performances are staged only Barong Ket dance. But this does not in the least reduce the enthusiasm of visitors, even vice versa. Visitors who came just so enthusiastic to watch the dance performances played by Barong, as the main character.

Barong Ket barong dances are played by two adult men, one to move barong legs and the second man moves his hands and barong head. Both will dance in a neat and mystical rhythm


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