Bird Feeding in Bali Bird Park -

Bird Feeding at Bali Bird Park and Lunch  with Elephant in  Bali Zoo


The Bird park and the zoo are other interesting places that you can visit while on holiday at Bali. Its a lovely place that you can take  your husband and beloved child here. Both places are more suitable to visit with the baby, but it's looks good too if only you and friends go here

In this Bird Park you can see many birds left to roam freely. Bird usually would fly around the space, unlike what is usually confined in a cage. Things like this are very fun for kids. Bali starlings are the iconic birds of Bali. You can find Bali this  local original bird that call Jalak Bali in here.



Surely if you visit here  not just to look around, but get the  picture is a must. You can take pictures with your favorite bird. And also there is a session to give birds feeding by your sellf.

Besides Bali Bird Park, there is another place you can visit Bali Zoo. This zoo is located in Gianyar, Bali. The location is very strategic and easy to access. The distance traveled is also not too far from other famous tourist objects of Bali. At this zoo you can learn the properties of more than 450 species of endangered animals that are protected in this tropical Indonesia. Various animals that live in this zoo, including the Sumatran Elephant, various reptiles, orangutans, cassowaries, crocodiles, sinyulong (freshwater crocodiles), various wild animals, and much more. The time you need to visit here for about half a day, so you can freely see various type of animal in it.


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