Eat Pray Love : When Julia Robert Found Her Love In Bali -

Eat Pray Love : When Julia Robert Found Her Love In Bali

In 2009, Hollywood artist Julia Robert starred in a movie called 'Eat, Pray, Love' and took the background of Bali as one of her filming locations. In making the film 'Eat, Pray, Love', the crew deliberately built a typical Balinese cottage in the rice fields of Ubud. The cottage that became the object of shooting is a vast expanse of rice fields and storied that adds to the exotic impression. The location of the shoot 'Eat, Pray, Love' is two kilometers from the Ubud market. To go to the filming location, you have to go up the road uphill and winding. On both sides of the road is a temple, one of Bali's most distinctive features worldwide. The film is finally relis in 2011 this suskes bring the beauty of Bali to the international sphere. The film is a memoir written by Elizabeth Gilbert and directed by Ryan Murphy.


Still around Ubud, Monkey Forest is also not missed to be a movie shoot. In the movie and his book, Julia Robert has been told many casual bikes around the Monkey Forest.
For those of you who are not afraid of being approached by monkeys, tours to the Monkey Forest can be an exciting experience. Monkeys are regarded as animals that are respected by Hindu society, so in the forest many monkeys roam free. Nothing is bound, let alone dikerangkeng.
Travelers should be careful during the visit. Sometimes the monkeys here are pretty naughty. Do not wear jewelry or other items that invite the attention of monkeys, to avoid unwanted things. The forest location also includes a sacred place. Built Pura Dalem Agung Padangtegal and one other temple as a cremation site. Religious ceremonies are not uncommon in Monkey Forest.



In addition to Ubud, this film also shows the beauty of the beaches of the fields that dikala it is not much touched tourists. The stretch of white sand above the blue sea water into a beautiful and exotic background. Since airing, now Padang-padang beach has become a must-see tourist attraction if on vacation to Bali. Local and foreign tourists spend much time there to sunbathe, swim and surf on this beach.


Are you already interested to trace the journey of Julia Roberts in Bali? So,  let's go to Bali.


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